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Database Administrator 1
GA Dept. of Transportation


Atlanta, Georgia
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GA Dept. of Transportation
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United States
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Dwight Beadle
Database Administrator 1
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Craig King
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23rd Jan 2022
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Min 5 Years
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Dwight Beadle

Job Description

Through skills often gained through the pursuit of an MLS, the Data Librarian will perform data asset management, data migration and implementation support for the Georgia Dept. of Transportation (GDOT) - Office of Transportation Data (OTD).


The Office of Transportation Data is responsible for developing and maintaining the GDOT linear referencing system (LRS) roadway network which is used by state and federal agencies. In addition to the spatial LRS, OTD is responsible for maintaining over 60 events on the network and assists in identifying the geographic and route/mile point locations of agency assets. This not only involves, but also generates a considerable amount of documents, data tables, and reports.

The ideal candidate for our Data Librarian will possess skills and advanced knowledge of data asset management, typically acquired through the pursuit of an MLS, to effectively collaborate with all areas of the Office. Demonstrated organizational, problem solving, and communication skills while fostering positive, productive partnerships with internal stakeholders are critical keys to success. The individual will serve as a resource to support data migrations and implementations and OTD's team's needs.

Position responsibilities: -

Organize and maintain asset folder structures in all GDOT/OTD systems.

- Conduct the daily management of the Office's information for upload into ProjectWise and other GDOT software.

- Maximize discovery of data by enhancing documents and images with metadata that follows established guidelines and are consistent with business objectives.

- Manage Life-cycle of documents and image assets after creation.

- Identify and communicate opportunities for improvement to aid in the overall enrichment of the metadata life- cycle.

- Engage with internal and external partners to make data openly discoverable, accessible, and reusable.

- Classify data and manage cross references to other divisions throughout the department. refine existing requirements for implementation of current documents into current digital asset management system(s) to support OTD's/GDOT's existing plans, as well as expansion into future digital content plans.

- Work with the different OTD groups to create standards and procedures for tagging new content.

- Create and implement a taxonomy to be used in-house and by outside users to improve search-ability of content for the every-growing digital content for OTD.

- Review previously scanned data to review, separate files according to folder structure, add appropriate metadata and file according to existing requirements.

- Assist users and analysts to determine data needs and potentially useful tools and assist in accessing and using them.

- Develop innovative approaches to enhance accessibility of the data and services.


1099 or W-2

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