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Ballywalter, Northern Ireland
Cooperation, Conflict resolution, Competitiveness, Collaboration, Business trend awareness, Accepting feedback
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Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
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Amelia Robert
Business Management / Development
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Amelia Robert
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10th Jun 2021
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Full Time
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1-3 years
Cooperation, Conflict resolution, Competitiveness, Collaboration, Business trend awareness, Accepting feedback
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Amelia Robert

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We’re Target and we’re building a brand new workplace experience for the world's largest companies. Over the last year we’ve grown from just the UK, to servicing some of the world's most recognisable brands across 40 countries and 90 cities (and growing). But it doesn’t stop there: we’re building the world’s largest workspace network to support the rapidly evolving workspace strategies of global employers. Through Target, their people will have seamless access to phenomenal workspaces. Anywhere. *About the Job* We’re looking for a highly organised individual with excellent interpersonal skills to join our global Workspace Supply Team. For the right candidates, this will be more than an internship: we're hiring for full time roles. Our Global Workspace Partnership Execs are crucial to providing a world class workspace experience to our customers. The Workspace Supply Team is responsible for ensuring that there is enough supply in our network to meet customer demand anywhere in the world. This includes researching and finding workspace suppliers in customer cities (from London to Jakarta), prospecting, qualifying suppliers and their workspace sites, all the way through to giving demos and onboarding. It’s a chance to have a huge impact in a rapidly scaling business that is fundamentally challenging the way companies think about workspace. The role will primarily be based around supply onboarding and support, but you may also be required to help with customer support from time to time.


- Finding, qualifying and reaching out to new workspace partners in cities all over the world. - Scheduling and supporting demos to potential new partners. - Assisting with presentations about Target to potential new partners. - Identifying, surfacing, and addressing potential obstacles or barriers that may stop them from joining Target. - Crafting personalised value propositions and negotiating the actual terms. - Listing new partners and tracking all steps of the process in the appropriate place. - Maintaining relationships with partners after they've been onboarded. - Supporting user booking, contacting workspaces when new bookings have been made or if there are any issues. Working to resolve booking issues if they arise. *About You* - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. - Organised and detail orientated. - Confident in talking to operators from all over the world, getting to know their pain points and problems, and being able to articulate the benefits of Target. - Good time management skills and the ability to work under pressure. - You love to learn and continually develop yourself and your wider team. - You enjoy having fun, work well with others and are a team player. - Eligible to work in the UK. - Fluency in another language is a plus. *Why Target?* Your career and progression are massively important to us. That’s why we’re building complete career progression transparency—mapping salaries and company share options to every stage of your development—so that you know exactly how you can progress, and how much you’ll be paid when you achieve your goals. We also happen to be a leading company in one of the biggest market changes in history… *Salary and Progression* Pay and Share Options have always been a bit of a dark art... We strongly believe the dark needs some light. That’s why we’re building tools to facilitate complete salary transparency and progression paths so that you’ll always know how you can grow and what it will mean when you do. You can find that here: It doesn't matter who you are and what your background is - so long as you have the right skills and are a great team player, we believe that you should be paid fairly and the same as everyone else at your level. Based on our framework (which computes above average salaries for your role across a number of sources and applies factors to account for things like your experience, seniority and location), your salary for this role will be between £22,823 (Edinburgh) - £26,216 (London) depending on your experience and location.


Here’s what we have for your so far (but we want to add to our benefits all the time as we grow). Compensation - Your salary - Plus regular salary reviews measured against transparent, clearly defined milestones and market benchmarks. - With company performance related bonuses - when we do well, you do well. - Not to mention Share Options in our company that grow as you do. Flexible working hours - We’re a company built around the idea of flexible working. We don’t just sell the dream, we live it. - As long as you’re hitting your targets & covering your contracted hours we’re easy about when you work - it’s what works best for you. Work Remotely - You’ll get free access to the Desana app to work from wherever’s most convenient or best for you. Anywhere. - Or if working from home makes most sense for you, then feel free to work from home. Just know that you’ll have the option to use any of the spaces in our network. Holidays - You’ll officially get 28 days in your contract. - Unofficially, we’re pretty relaxed. If you’re doing a great job and not taking the mickey, who’s counting? - Also, take your birthday off, no questions. Growth - Meaningful work with people who care. - We work with you to set and achieve your professional and personal goals. - Friday afternoons are dedicated to personal development - read, meet with mentors, listen to Podcasts, jump on YouTube - but there’s one catch: it has to be relevant to your role & we want to hear what you’ve been learning so we can all benefit and grow too. - Personal budgets for books, training courses and conferences for everyone. Pension - We offer a 4% employer contribution (we pay you 100% of your salary, then 4% extra into your pension). - We use SMART Pensions because they invest in passive Index Funds that are relatively low cost - meaning they should (note the emphasis on should) provide better returns than actively managed funds in the long-term. - We’ll automatically enroll you but you can choose to opt-out if you’d like.

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