We always strive to onboard only the authentic and verified recruiters and job seekers on our platform. However, you can always report to us in case of any suspicion, and we assure you a quick investigation towards the same.
No, the process is so digitally empowered that you can complete the entire hiring cycle in just a few clicks.
No. It’s completely between the recruiter and the job seeker.
The process is simple. Once you find the perfect job according to your skills, you can simply upload a video of yours, introducing yourself, and answering basic interview questions. It will then increase the chances of getting shortlisted.
Yes, one can easily recommend the job to whomever the person wants to. You can download our app to explore more such features.
Yes, they can communicate through live chat.
You can know so through emails, messages and notification.
No. The shortlisting completely depends upon the recruiters and their set criteria.
Our search engine automatically suggests candidates to the recruiters based on the keywords, filters and the skills of the candidate.